Making Time for Your Family

If you have a busy lifestyle you always want to make sure that you are making time for your family. Read this article to discover some great tips on how you can manage this.

There are many ways that you can make time for your family and still enjoy your work. By making an effort to be with your spouse and children, you are showing your love for them.

Communicate and negotiate what you want to get from time spent together. Do they want to go to the newest movies and you just want to relax at home and watch the game? Maybe you can negotiate that you can watch the game with them if there isn’t an interesting movie playing, but you will go with them if you all want to see the movie and you will tape the game.

Share what you know. If you have a passion for baseball, or a hobby like knitting, if you share it you just might find a convert, or at least a cheering section. By sharing, we extend ourselves into the next generation. Many times what we enjoy doing was started by a parent sharing an experience with us. The upside is that you get to do what you enjoy, and the bonus is that we can spend time doing it with our families.

spend time with famly

Get down on the children’s level – Sometimes just letting the kids plan the day takes the pressure off of you and can open the day for an adventure you might never have thought of yourself. You just may learn to relax when you are home and finally be able to leave work at work.

Sunday pancakes – By having special routines on the weekends, when most parents are off from work, you let the time together become an extra-special looked forward to event. Make memories and new family traditions. You can change anything up and make it your own. Does everyone in your family hate turkey? Make Thanksgiving your own way and have a baked ham instead.

Trim the excess togetherness – you don’t have to do everything as a family. Pick and choose what to do together as a group and what only two of you want to do. Spending time alone, or all sitting in the living room together in quiet is fine. Mom knits while junior plays a video game with headphones on, daughter draws and dad reads the newspaper, all together, but pursuing separate interests is still good.

Making time for your family can be the rock you build your life on. Work and family life don’t have to be at odds when you take the reins and define a place for each in your life.

Why Your Family Matters

Your immediate family matters because it is the very essence of what you are as a human being, it is all you ever knew and you are what you are because of them.
You can try to create a stronger bond with your family members. If you are all grown up and married with families of your own, it may be time to reconnect. You don’t have the hang-ups you did when you were all young kids in a family and your roles have all changed. Communication may be awkward, so reconnecting on a family vacation may be just the thing to start over. Your parents are getting older and it may be some of the best memories your own kids can have with their grandparents before they are gone.

Maybe you have the other kind of family: you guys are so close you’re smothering each other. You never did anything without consulting your sister, and the same with her consulting you. You have very close ties, but maybe it’s time you set boundaries. You’re grownups with your own families and, while the closeness also bought the cousins together, it’s made you and your sister glued at the hip.

Taking a separate path may be just the thing. Explain that you are not leaving her in the lurch, but explain to your sister that you and your family are having some private family time and you’d appreciate a call before she just drops in with her family. Explain that you’d like a little warning and that it isn’t always a good time for you. Tactfulness will make this work and you just have to expect a few hurt feelings from your sister. Just reassure your sister that you are not rejecting her, and maybe she will start to realize that she can relax and enjoy her own family as well.

Your own new family matters because it is the reason why you chose to form a family unit in the first place. Spend time getting to know everyone at the place they are. Your kids are growing and are changing every time you look.

Express gratitude for them and really love them. They will return in kind. Nesting with your family is the best way to spend time together. It won’t be too long before your children are grown and spending time with their new families. Spend some quality time together with your spouse. Maybe even go on a “date” to reconnect. Soon it will be just the two of you again, make sure there is something to continue on with. It’s too easy to grow apart.


Self Publishing – Tips for New Authors

The journey to self publishing can be an arduous one. You need more than just amazing writing skills and a burning passion to go the full mile without giving up. Self-discipline and self-monitoring are key to staying focused and meeting your authorship goals. These four tips will help you keep the momentum going less painfully.

Self Publishing Tips

Be patient

It’s not for nothing that patience is regarded as a virtue. There are quite a few logistics involved in both print and e-publication, and many first-time self publishers tend to miss key steps when navigating the process. Look at it this way : in a publishing house, different individuals and departments handle different aspects of publication. When you’re on your own, you have to wear more than one hat, and go about the process patiently. Expect your patience to be tested even more when you’re balancing your personal and work (if you’re employed) commitments.

Be objective

If you’re a non-fiction writer, the ability to see your work through the lens of literary agents can come in handy. It can help you make objective decisions on content creation and marketing, by answering questions like ‘what kind of value does my book offer the target market?’ and ‘how unique and necessary is my book in its category?’.

self publishing new author tips

Don’t skimp on the research

It is critical that, prior to publishing, you do your research and clearly understand all your options. Some of the not-so-glamorous aspects of self-publishing include obtaining an ISBN and barcode, figuring out the payment mechanisms and tax obligations, creating your copyright statement, and developing your website. As you’re readying to publish, you need to implement your web marketing plan. Even after you’ve published your book and started work on your next project, you must keep marketing your previous project.

Stay committed

Some writers can draft an 80,000 page book within a month while other may take up to a year to write the same number of words. If you can write only 400-500 words a day, and not write at all on some days, it’s fine. What’s more important is that you’re committed to the endeavor, because ultimately, writing a novel or creating a picture book is both time and effort intensive. Serious writers regard their work as a labor of love. Anyone who doesn’t want to take the pain to tell a story probably isn’t a serious writer. This quote by the great American writer Flannery O’Connor can help put things in perspective : ‘Writing a novel is a terrible experience, during which the hair often falls out and the teeth decay.’


Setting Career and Personal Financial Goals

Your career path and personal financial goals work together to help you achieve the top dreams and goals for your life. In fact, the career path you choose sets up the possibilities for financial success you’ll experience throughout your life.

You need to better understand the connection and the reasons why you should think of the two as issues you need to work on together, ensuring you achieve the success you desire for both.

You also need to learn how to plan personal financial goals such as meeting your bills that include food, shelter, education and medical. You should always be aware of your exact commitments so you don’t fall short when it’s time to pay up.

Doing what you have to do to meet financial obligations is a big part of your career planning. You’ll first need to meet small task of paying bills – the rest is for you and your financial future. Invest it wisely and you’ll meet those goals.

Personal Financial Goals

The Two Reasons You Pursue Success

Personal fulfillment is an important part of planning for career and financial success. You also have to think about survival in a world that can sometimes be financially harsh and difficult and how you want to live – in luxury or barely getting by?

When you’re living the life you were created for in your career path, you’re achieving personal fulfillment in a way that should make you happy. But, if that life doesn’t provide you with means to survive with enough left over to live your dreams, then that career might be flawed in your eyes and bring regrets.

Many people become lackadaisical in just getting by and pursuing more can seem like a mountain – impossible to climb. Others become obsessed with achieving a career that will bring happiness – and create a life they’ve always dreamed of.

That could mean providing an education for your children, traveling as much as you want, living in a nice home with all the features you enjoy – or simply having the leisure time to work in your garden.

Success isn’t the same for everyone. Your perception of success and how you go about achieving it might be totally opposite from a friend or family member. That’s because you each have different potential to work toward your goals and be happy with those accomplishments.

The potential you carry within has to be set free to pursue the goals you have for the future – and that can be difficult if you live in fear, doubt or negative self-talk that keeps you down.

personal financial goals

You can do anything you want to do bad enough with that inner potential. You may need to shift your mindset from holding back to jumping in and taking the steps necessary to achieve financial success and overall fulfillment.

Begin to program yourself to believe that anything you want to accomplish is possible. That may mean you may have to change your personal story from failures to any accomplishments you’ve had along the way.

The best way to begin your pursuit of success is to take action. If you truly want success in a career that brings financial stability, you will take the steps necessary to achieve it. And don’t forget to pursue happiness along the way.

Minimum Personal Financial Goals

Being acutely aware of your minimum financial requirements is the first step in becoming financially independent. Pay bills on time and know where your money is going. That sets up the scenario for further financial successes.

It’s imperative that you set up a budget and track where you’re spending money. When you’re aware of the exact amount you need to meet bills and other necessities, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever fall short.

If you’re married and share the expenses, make sure your spouse is well aware of what your bills are and how you’re going to meet those obligations. Many couples have run into major trouble by being clueless of financial needs and goals.

You’ll need determination and a good way to track your spending habits if you want to meet the minimum financial obligations. It’s important to be realistic about your budget if you ever want to get ahead and have money left over to devote to your business and personal goals.

There are various online sites that offer budget strategies and methods to track your spending. Research and choose one that’s best for you. By all means, base the budget on the reality of your income and expenses.

Ways to customize your plan also exist on the Internet. You may need to experiment to find which is best for you and which you’d actually use on a day to day basis. One budgeting strategy is called the 50/30/20 rule.

This method divides your spending into three category percentages. For example, necessary expenses such as food and shelter account for 50% of your budget. Unnecessary expenses such as cable and cell phone bills account for 30% while saving for the future, paying down debt and savings for emergencies make up the last 20%.

Don’t forget to include amounts in your budget for emergencies or for payments that only happen two or three times per year. Accuracy about all of your financial obligations is important to make sure there are no surprises.

Another budget strategy you can find more about online is the fixed and variable budget, which divides your expenses into two categories – fixed and variable. Fixed expenses may include mortgage or car payment and variable would include entertainment and dining out.

setting goals

The Bare Bones Budget may be best for you if you are self-employed or work on commission only basis. The main part of the budget is the realistic part – which includes survival necessities such as food and shelter.

The other is money you have left over to spend as you wish on things like entertainment, holiday gift giving, and more. Monitor your situation and change the budget plan to fit as your life progresses.

Ultimate Personal Financial Goals

No matter what stage of life you happen to be in at the moment, you’ll want to set some personal financial goals which reflect your situation, goals and dreams. Do you want to have money to purchase a home, send your kids to college or travel?

Everyone is different, and you have to figure out what you want out of life – and how to get it. If you don’t dream big, you won’t achieve big, so really think about what you want – for your family, charities – and yourself.

Then, create a financial calendar for setting goals. You may want to be able to pay for a child’s college tuition in 10 years. How much per year will you need to save? Plan it out and you’ll have small goals to look forward to.

A big way to ultimately achieve personal financial goals is to get rid of the consumer debt bills that are now weighing you down. If you have several credit card bills, find the one with the highest interest rate and pay it off first.

Allocate a percentage of your income to priorities such as retirement or emergency savings. You’ll be surprised at how fast your debt will go down and your savings up when you take as much as 20% of your income and spend it on financial priorities.

To stay motivated and on track financially, you may want to start a vision board devoted to your financial goals. You can easily track your progress with a quick glance and be reminded about what you’re working so hard for.

Be very specific about your financial goals. Use specific numbers or dollar amounts to identify debts you want to pay off or savings you want to procure. Also, set specific dates. That will identify exactly how much you’ll need – and when.

Set smaller personal financial goals just as you set small goals before you reach the ultimate end result of what you want to accomplish. Think positively about the goals rather than telling yourself you’ll never reach them.

They may seem monumental, but if you’re constantly working on those goals, you’ll reach them eventually. Keep focused and be happy with what you have now rather than longing for the future. You’ll get there soon enough.

Setting Personal Goals and Achieving Them

Money management is important to setting and achieving your personal goals. It’s difficult to think about expanding your business or learning new techniques to advance you at work if you’re constantly worrying about money problems.

When you set goals for financial spending, it helps keep you from wasteful spending. Your own desire to meet goals will override your innate impulse to purchase something that will only bring you happiness for a short while.

It’s extremely important that you write down your goals – perhaps keep them on cards arranged from immediate to long term – so that you’ll know at a glance how many more small goals you have to reach to get to the big one.

It could be a new house or a three-month emergency savings plan – or even a trip you’ve always wanted to take. Working toward it will mean much more to you if you can see your progress from time to time.

personal financial goals

Writing down your short, mid-term and long-term goals helps you keep track of your progress and also keeps you motivated to stick to a budget. If you feel that your budget may be leaking money and don’t understand where it’s going, take awhile to write down everything you spend – every penny.

You may find that purchasing that latte every morning before work is costing you much more than you thought – or that money doled out to the kids is much more than you figured.

Whatever the reason, finding the money leak is the first step to solving the problem. Some people succeed best in money management by going on the all-cash method for awhile.

Allocate some cash money periodically for each category such as lunches, tips, dry-cleaning and manicures or pedicures. When that money is gone for each category – the spending stops until it’s time for you to allocate more cash.

You’ll be able to rapidly find out where your spending habits need to change. That’s an important part of being financially secure. You’ll also find ways to be less wasteful with money and budget more carefully.

Sometimes, you have to think long and hard about what matters most to you and spend accordingly. You may enjoy eating out once a week, but if you save that money for awhile, you could have a great down payment on the car of your dreams. Which means more to you?

Try to think in terms of the future rather than the here and now. Also, anticipate what might occur in the future. What if you went into work tomorrow and your boss gave you a pink slip? Would you have an emergency fund that could see you through until you started earning again?

Make sure you include health and life insurance in your financial plans. No one knows what may happen tomorrow and one big health emergency could wipe out everything you’ve saved for years.

Setting Career Financial Goals and Achieving Them

When you’re an entrepreneur, the chart you course is your own rather than depending on raises and bonuses. Of course, you don’t want to quit a job until you know you can afford to, but it’s perfectly fine to work on your entrepreneurial goals while working at your job.

There are services you can provide that pay faster than other online avenues. Ghostwriting, for example, is a service you can provide while working on your own project or product.

You’ll learn as you go and soon will have picked up enough speed to meet your financial necessities. Recruiting affiliates can help a great deal with maximizing your time wisely if you have a product launch coming up.

When you spend time learning sales copy conversion – with affiliates, you’ll earn more money immediately than if you quietly launched your own without more people onboard to promote you.

As you gain more confidence as an entrepreneur, you’ll feel more comfortable asking for support and help. There’s an abundance of online help you can turn to for learning purposes – and to teach you how to use affiliates to promote your own product.

Even though it’s difficult at first to figure out how much money you’ll make from a launch, time will give you the experience you need and you’ll soon be giving advice to others.

Have a plan, set goals and meet smaller goals to ultimately meet your goal of financial independence. Determination to enjoy a better lifestyle, provide for loved ones or simply for the satisfaction of succeeding at your own business can see you through and help you meet and exceed all of your expectations.



Promoting Your Books – Author Lifestyle

One of the biggest challenges self-published authors face is effectively marketing their work. The problem isn’t so much with the marketing methods or channels; it is more about how well you can leverage them and promote the hell out of your book. Self-publishing has created a level-playing field no doubt, but the playground is fiercely competitive. If you want a fair chance at healthy sales,  these marketing strategies can give you a good head-start in promoting your books effectively.

Price your book competitively

The trend of initially selling their books for free for a few days has served indie authors well, garnering them visibility and helping them build a fan base. Low prices on long books also attract readers, which is another tactic employed by many writers. But the flipside is that readers may equate very low priced books with questionable quality and hesitate to buy them. Also, pricing your book too low can be a drag on your revenue, especially if you aren’t exactly selling many copies a year.

A not-too-high and not-too-low price is a good compromise for newbie authors. This price could be between $2.99 to $4.99 for a full-length book and $1.99 for a novella.

Get an author website

Your author website will be the one-stop destination for readers and the media to get more information and the latest news about you. Add a brief biography, high resolution photographs, links to your social media profiles, positive reviews and press quotes. Also consider a blog section where you can interact more intimately with your readers.

self publishing books

Get social

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ are some of the popular social networks where authors can engage with fans/followers. Guy Kawasaki recommends getting on social media before you start writing a book, as it will take you anywhere from nine months to a year to build a social following.

Create a great profile that elicits interest, and makes you appear likeable and trustworthy. Add your high resolution photo, but make sure it’s just you and not you with your spouse, pets or car. Write a few sentences about yourself and tell your personal story, staying honest to whatever image you want to portray and without going over-the-top about it.

Don’t just self-promote, focus on initiating engaging, lively and useful conversations with your readers. You can talk about your interests, opine on a news story or topical subject, and even post interesting photographs from time to time. Answer fans’/followers’ questions, give advice, and follow people whose content you find valuable and share-worthy.

People like sharing posts and tweets about contests. You can launch contests on social media and give away free copies of your book as gifts/prizes.

Create Google Alerts

When you create a Google Alert on your name, the search engine will notify you every time someone writes about you and your book(s) online. You can reach out to these entities to explore more promotional opportunities or thank them for the mentions.



Do You Have a Wealth Mindset

When you strive to develop a low risk wealth mindset, you’re setting yourself up to build wealth rather than having it disappear with no clue where it went. That means impulse shopping is a thing of the past and you should analyze every purchase you make – even the small things.

Both personal and business spending should be limited to what you need. Jumping at every shiny new object like a new pair of shoes you don’t need or software and plugins that aren’t beneficial to your business isn’t the way to nurture a wealth mindset.

Stick to time-honored methods to avoid financial mistakes that could take years to recover from. When you’re leveraged to the highest point, you won’t be able to take calculated risks and invest when the best opportunities present themselves.

Wealth Mindset Tips

Don’t Spend More Than You Should

One rule of thumb for personal or business spending is to avoid credit unless you can afford to pay cash. It’s okay to build a good credit rating by wisely cultivating the advantages of having it, but don’t simply pay by credit if you don’t have the cash to back it up.

There are so many bright and shiny objects to tempt you to open your wallet that it can be difficult to know which are the best investments. In your personal life, that might equate to a big screen TV or shiny new car and bumping your credit to the max.

In business, you might be attracted to the promises and hype that other marketers throw out to entice you to buy. Some of these are excellent deals and can provide guidance and advice for your future.

Other offerings might sound good, but you find out it’s a bunch of fluff when you download it. Do your research before you plunk down the money or go into debt for software, plugins or to join a mastermind group.


One way to ensure you don’t jump at the latest deal or succumb to an impulse is to delay making the purchase. Don’t let sales people – online or offline – pressure you into signing on the dotted line before thinking about it first.

You may be itching to say “yes” to that advertisement promising overnight success for your online business if you sign up for a product or online class. And that new car may sound like a deal you can hardly refuse until you read the fine print and find out what you’re really paying.

Never think you can’t get the same deal if you walk away and think about it for 30 minutes or a day or two. It’s beneficial to step out of the bubble and see the big picture of what the deal truly entails.

Another way to ensure that your budget will remain intact is to deal only with cash. This is a great idea for those who just can’t seem to pass up deals that may or may not be a good idea.

One good method for watching your spending is to open an account designated only for spur of the moment purchases – and cancel the overdraft protection. You’ll have to be vigilant about the balance and careful not to go over.

There’s a thing called FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that affects many marketing entrepreneurs. If it seems that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of a good deal, you don’t want to be left out, even if you can’t afford it.

You may be tempted to go on a fun, but expensive trip with your friends because you don’t want to miss out on the experience even though it will take months for you to completely pay off the debt.

Think about the benefits you’ll derive from your spending before you plunk down cash or a credit card and you’ll be on your way to developing a low risk wealth mindset. Sometimes the reward doesn’t outweigh the risk involved.

Analyze Purchases to Avoid Financial Mistakes

That cheap bargain may seem like a good deal, but when you actually download it and take a look at it, you see all sorts of flaws that make you sorry you paid any amount for it.

You would have been better off purchasing a better quality product and one that would give you a better return on your investment. It’s the same in both offline and online marketing.

Purchasing products or services which seem like a deal you can’t refuse sometimes leads to disappointment and failure. A good rule of thumb is to only purchase products from those people you trust.

Most online entrepreneurs have a track record that you can easily check. Educate yourself about the seller before you commit to anything. Most of us feel good about purchases we make at first.

It’s a rush of adrenalin to spend money on something that you think is going to make you look or feel good or benefit your own business. It’s so disappointing to find that what you thought was a great bargain is flawed in many ways.

Hopefully, you didn’t break the bank and you can recover. Now you’ve learned a big lesson in purchasing. Research before you buy and are sure you’re purchasing from a reputable source.

Ask yourself if you really need the bright, new, shiny object you’re attracted to. You might find a better deal if you shop around a bit more. Or, you could find something less expensive that will do the job just as well.

Don’t skimp on quality. You may have to pay a little more, but in the long run it will prove to be a bargain. Some smaller purchases may seem like a good deal – and you’re really not spending that much – but little things add up and you may find yourself spending more than you intended.

Use Everything You Buy or Don’t Buy at All

Going through the grocery aisles when you’re hungry isn’t a good idea. You end up filling your cart with extras that you may not have intended to buy, but the promise of taste and fulfillment makes it hard to resist all of the tempting delights.

A week later, much of what you’ve bought is ruined and you end up throwing it away – or what you bought on impulse wasn’t as good or fulfilling as you thought it would be and it goes to waste.

It’s the same with every bright and shiny object you’re attracted to. You pay hard-earned money because it promises success beyond what you expected and you purchase it only to find out it’s not all it was cracked up to be.

wealth systems

If you were an employer, you’d quickly get rid of an employee who made non-useful purchases time after time. Make it a point to implement all of your purchases within a two-week time period and you’ll be surprised about how much more you’ll think before you buy.

Be careful not to purchase products and then demand a refund because you can’t use it within a certain time period. That isn’t fair to the seller who has to deal with the refund in many ways that take time and effort.

The time-period you set to use a purchased item should be a tool to help you avoid procrastination and to force you to carefully think about the implications before you push the “Buy Now” button.

This one act of thinking clearly before you purchase will help you save money. If the item is just going to sit in a drawer or remain in your downloads until you forget about it, then it isn’t worth buying.

Experts say that having too many possessions can be a burden in your life. A big house with a pool and lots of amenities can keep you from taking advantage of traveling to the places you’ve always wanted to see.

Too many bells and whistles in your business can keep you so busy you’re unable to focus on the real desire of making your business grow. Choose your purchases wisely and avoid the shiny new object syndrome.

Create Products That Will Convert

Conversion is one word you’ll hear often in the pursuit of wealth when you’re an entrepreneur. You have to create products that will covert to sales or you won’t be successful in your online ventures.

The best way to know if a new idea that could turn into an amazing product that will convert is to diligently research it. What is the competition doing along these lines – and has it been done before?

If it has been done before – was it done successfully, and can you do it better or make it different than other marketers? Check out forums and comments to see if someone has mentioned wanting or needing your product or service idea.

Remember to carefully think out your product pages. They will be the deciding factor on whether or not your traffic will convert. You’ve thought of the idea, taken time to work out a strategy and goals and then spent hard work and money on the idea, so give the customer a chance to be wowed.

The first look of the page has to provide the customer with a good experience. Then, the information needs to assure and motivate him or her to buy. One good tip from the experts is to de-clutter your page.

Cut out the frivolity that doesn’t tell your customer something about why he needs the product. Pictures and text that don’t really serve a purpose should be cut from the page – and keep the information simple and succinct.

Your customer likely doesn’t want to waste his time on reading or looking at stuff that doesn’t have a thing to do with the product, so get to the point quickly on your page. Make sure you include a call to action. Without that, the customer won’t know where to go next.

With every page you create, you’re helping build your customers’ confidence in you and your product. Let them know you have their best interests in mind and be convincing about how the product is going to help them.

One element that’s essential when creating products that convert is to always give the customer an option if they choose to pass up the deal (such as a one time offer) at the present time.

You might offer a downsell that extracts part of the original offer – or show them something entirely different. You’ll be creating trust with the customer that you always have them in mind and want to help as much as you can.

Diversify Your Earnings to Keep Risk at Bay

To keep investments safe from the fluctuating economy, many experts recommend that you diversify. That means you keep money in various types of investments, so if one type fails, you still have growing savings in the others.

healthy wealth mindset

That bit of wisdom also applies to your online business. When you operate with various business models – info products, affiliate marketing, Kindle fiction, coaching, AdSense and others, you’re diversifying your business so that if one part wanes, the others can make up for the slack.

It’s also called not putting all your eggs in one basket. You have much more chance of something happening to a single basket and crushing all of your eggs than if you divide the eggs into various baskets to weather any storm that might come your way.

A good example in the online marketing business is So many people built their one business model on it and counted on it to pay their bills. One day it wasn’t there anymore.

The site was shut down without much warning and everything – all of the hard work and time invested was gone. Diversification has worked for many corporations who wanted to enter a new market by creating a product that the corporation had not yet entered.

When a company is diversified properly, it’s not so devastating if the new idea doesn’t work – they still have other products to fall back on. There are several strategies that good marketers use to diversify their businesses.

One is to change the product ever so slightly so that it appeals to another type of customer. For example, if you offer an online course with an expensive price tag, try cutting the course down and lowering the price.

This strategy can attract those people who are looking for something less expensive and simpler. You can also tailor your products to different demographics, such as weight loss products that cater to men versus women – or even age groups such as seniors or the over 40 crowd.

You can also offer a book along with a course for more information. This strategy also sets you up as an expert in your field and takes you to the next step on the ladder to monetary success. Diversification is one of the best strategies of adopting a low risk wealth mindset.





Moms Working at Home Lifestyle

There is an increased interest in moms working at home these days. More and more moms are choosing to work at home these days, you’re seeing a real trend. Women – and men, too – are loving that they have a chance to provide an income for their family. Without having a daily commute or having to punch a time clock. Perhaps more importantly, though, is that they won’t have to rely on someone else to raise their children.

If you’re thinking this might be the right choice for you and your family, there are several important things to consider. Your motivation, mindset, and sheer will to succeed will make or break the success of your business. Obstacles will come up. Challenges will have to be overcome. And you’ll face interruptions on a daily basis. You must be willing to handle these in the best way possible if you want to succeed.

Planning ahead and keeping some proven strategies in mind as you face the day-to-day challenges will help make your work-at-home adventure more pleasant and rewarding for everyone involved.

What it Takes To Be Successful: 3 Must Have Qualities of Moms Working at Home

The work-at-home lifestyle attracts many people because of the seeming simplicity and long list of perceived benefits:

  1. Not having  a commute.
  2. You don’t have to punch a clock.
  3. Not being required to sit for eight hours in a cubicle.
  4. You simply get to wake up, walk down the hallway, and get to work. Right?

This is what many people envision the moms working at home lifestyle to be like. In reality you have to possess some special qualities in order to be successful and make this type of transition work for you.

moms working from home

The Reality

Self-Motivation – This is a must when beginning any entrepreneurial venture. When you work for yourself you need to be a self-starter and have the motivation to push yourself forward even when no one is telling you what to do.

You won’t have a boss looking over your shoulder keeping tabs on your projects. You have to make the effort to decide what needs to be done. Then create those deadlines for yourself. It helps to create a list of short-term and long-term goals. This is so that you have an idea of where you are headed in your business. That way you keep yourself working towards something that is going to move your business forward.

Organized – You have to have some sort of organizational skills in order to succeed at being a work-at-home mom. This can be a challenge especially if there are small children in the house. When life feels like it is constantly in disarray you won’t be as focused on the work you need to get done. Although your workspace doesn’t need to be perfect it is a good idea to have a dedicated space with files and other organizing tools. This helps boost productivity throughout the day as well.

Flexible – This is especially true of the work-at-home mom. If you have small children in the home you must be willing to change up your schedule at the drop of a hat. Things come up that may mess with your hours and cause you to work late at night or super early in the morning. You must be willing to put in the time anytime of day to make it work. If you go into the work-at-home venture knowing you need to be flexible with your schedule it will be much easier to adapt to this type of lifestyle.

Moms Working at Home Recap

These are three of many qualities that moms working at home should possess. Working from home isn’t nearly as simple as it’s thought to be. There is a ton of discipline, hard work, and sacrifice that goes into making each and every day work. Not everyone is cut out for this type of life. You have to have a clear, concise idea of why you started this business and why you want this type of lifestyle. Once you understand your why it will be easier to focus on what it takes to succeed.




How a Life Coach Can Affect Your Lifetime Goals or Dreams

Life is a skill that can be acquired and often you need help to learn this skill.  Like any skill you desire to learn or become more proficient there are many ways to do this.   Here’s an example: If you want to become a better golfer you can hire a golf pro.  Or you want to become a better singer you perhaps hire a voice tutor. In order to improve your life then connecting with a life coach can be extremely helpful. Especially when you have specific goals and dreams you want to acheive.

We think nothing of paying someone to teach us how to do what we want to do better.  That includes everything from cooking, writing, or a professional trainer to help us sculpt our body.

This is good.  Of course, we can attempt to teach ourselves through books, videos and lots of practice.  But most of the time if we’re serious about furthering a need or talent we must seek professional assistance.

Learning how to live life is somehow viewed differently.  This is what we were born to do.  Yet, we flounder, we struggle, strive for goals, miss the mark and fall back to wallow in failure and oft times resign ourselves to defeat.  You think life should come easy and you should be able to handle whatever life throws at you.  It’s  a good theory but life can be a formidable opponent.

Most people aren’t even aware that there are life coaches who specialize in all areas of living life abundantly.  This includes various aspects of your career and personal growth.  They can advise you in relationships with your spouse, significant other or family members.

life coach and dreams

A life coach can help you make decisions you refuse to make for yourself.  Many times you don’t even realize what decisions need to be made and a life coach can help you crystallize your thoughts and dreams.

An important first step before hiring a life coach is to assure yourself that you’re ready to move forward and willing to accept direction.  At that point in your life it will be much easier for them to analyze where you are in life and where you want to be.  You’re obviously frustrated with your life but have no idea how to get out of your rut.

Living the life you desire can come with a high price tag.  But, if you’re willing to pay the price in money, effort and dedication then it’s time to define your life on your own terms and take control.  You understand you’ve reached the point in your life that you must feel happier and that life can be rich and dreams realized.

The world we live in today is complicated and it’s okay to need help.  A life coach will help you set personal goals, get you off square one and explain what to do next. Having a coach can be a powerful asset when you’re ready to work with him or her.

Life coaching is not a therapy session.  He’s not there to help you heal wounds of the past but assist you in building a better tomorrow.  If you blame others for your problems, perhaps therapy is a better option.  But, if you’re ready to take responsibility for where you are today then a life coach can help improve your life and take you to the next level.

Let’s move on to the next topic which can be closely related to acheiving your goals and dreams.

Life Coach – Do You Have the Courage to Embrace Your Spirituality?

Following our own dreams and beliefs is often not easy.  We’re afraid of what our peers will think and how they’ll react when they discover we believe differently from them.  This is true not only of small things such as the color of your clothing or the way you wear your hair but will they approve of your choice of a mate or which church you attend.  Does spirituality blend in with your lifestyle?

We want to be viewed as smart and intellectual and many times we’re taught that intelligence and spirituality are two opposites that cannot possibly work together.  Is this true?  Surely, intelligence and spirituality can follow the same path and work together to achieve a common goal.

Spirituality is defined as the sensitivity or attachment to religious values.  It is also the quality or state of being spiritual.  Can we possess the courage to embrace our spirituality when as an intellectual person we find no logical reason to do so?  Many of the enlightened and great thinkers of the world possess this courage to embrace both and teach that one complements the other.

The farther we pursue the paths of learning and faith the more we learn that each supports the other.  Both can exist well together and one without the other is usually achievement without meaning and fulfillment.  Conflict does not exist if we follow each path far enough.  We see that conflict is only imagined.

dream and prayers for life coach

Our Teachers

Great and notable teachers say that we are what we think.  Our results in life have a direct correlation with our thoughts and attitudes.  Positive thinking has shown that if we believe something we can achieve it but we must believe in ourselves and our purpose.

There is no doubt we achieve more when we think positive thoughts rather than thoughts of defeat and fear.  Thoughts of failure and fear sabotage us and we cause our own defeat.  Expect the worst and you’ll most likely get it.

God has a plan for success.  He does not want us to fail and if we believe this then it makes intellectual good sense to seek all the help we can.  The Bible teaches that if God is for us, then who can be against us?

Prayer gives us courage to embrace our spirituality and to change ourselves, not God.  If spirituality takes away your fears and allows you to move forward with faith and courage then it seems this is the smart way to travel.

Our body is only part of our existence and we influence our body through our thoughts and actions.  If we’re smart enough to strive for a better world then work on making a better you with courage through faith.

Summon the courage to embrace your spirituality and to act for the highest good of all mankind.  Choose your beliefs for yourself and don’t let anyone else do it for you.  You are as right as they are.

Resolve the conflicts within your life and you’ll find you can help others resolve theirs.  Have the courage to change what you can and embrace what you cannot.  Your heart will tell you if you’ve made the right choice.









Self Esteem Trust in Yourself

Most people who have low self esteem usually have low self-confidence issues too and this can be put down to not trusting in yourself. If you learn to start trusting your own judgement you will find that the quality of your life improves.

While this is not as easy as it sounds there are steps you can use to help you trust in your own beliefs and judgement again. The best way to start improving this is by writing down a few easy to achieve goals. By setting a simple goal at first you are just going through the motions of achieving something by a certain deadline. Once you have done this several times you can set slightly harder goals.

The act of accomplishing a feat or goal can really boost your self-esteem big time. Remember that just because you set a goal, it doesn’t mean that this has to be a solo event. You can still ask for help and guidance along the way as necessary.

Your next step is to write out a list of those things that are making you feel less confident. What is it that bothers your confidence level? This may be the most difficult step for you to do. But once it is done and those things are on paper you will feel a huge sense of relief.

trust in yourself and others

It is also important to keep in mind that you can’t accomplish everything that you set out to do. This does not mean that you are a failure, it simply means you have too much on your plate to handle at one time. It can be helpful to break down larger goals or tasks into much smaller ones. This way you can achieve smaller milestones on a regular basis, this is another boost to your self-esteem.

Remember too that nothing comes to those that wait. Unless you are willing to take action your goals and dreams will never be a reality. No doubt you have seen those people that set out to do something, and then accomplish it so quickly. While there you wondering why it is that good things don’t happen to you. It is just that the other person was willing to do the work necessary to achieve their goals. Their motivation and desire was strong enough to keep them going.

Start out small today by setting one goal and then be determined to reach it. It can be as simple as going for a walk three times in the next seven days. Or to stop drinking so much coffee. The important thing is to take action and do something now!

Understanding Self Esteem

Self Esteem is a huge topic when it comes to personal development, but do you really know what self-esteem is? A dictionary definition of self-esteem is as follows:
Confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.
“Assertiveness training for those with low self-esteem”
Synonyms: self-respect, pride, dignity, self-regard, faith in oneself; morale, self-confidence, confidence, self-assurance

The top definition is the one that you should be focusing on for yourself. In order to determine if your view of your own self-esteem is high or low, think about the following questions.

1. Do you find that you put yourself down all the time?
2. Are you happy with the person that you have become?
3. Do you associate negative words with yourself?

If you have a low self esteem that you will have answered “yes” to questions 1 and 3. If you answered “yes” to question 2 then you have a normal or higher perception of your own self-esteem.

While having a high self esteem is a good thing, you want to make sure that you don’t overdo things. That is you don’t want to start bragging to people about how great you are at certain things. This doesn’t always go over well and can become just as detrimental as having low self-esteem.

building your self esteem

If you fall into the low self-esteem category not to worry, there are certain steps you can take to improve this view of yourself. It is not just adults that suffer from low self-esteem, many children do as well. If you are dealing with low self-esteem be sure this is not affecting your child’s view of themselves too.

The first step to overcoming low self steem is to find out what triggers these negative feelings. Is it because you lack skills in a certain area? Have you been through a traumatic event that damaged your self-confidence? Where you told as a child that you would never amount to much?

All of these things can really play havoc with your own image of yourself. If your reasons are deep rooted it can be helpful to seek help from a therapist. If the reason is due to a lack of skills then you can take action in upgrading your skill level.

The good news is that self steem issues can be overcome. An easy step you can start immediately is to start focusing on those things that you are good at. Stop thinking about what you can’t do. This can easily raise your self-esteem overnight, why not try it and see?


Starting a Yoga Lifestyle for Beginners

If you are considering taking up yoga then you are making a move in the right direction. Yoga has many benefits and is a form of exercise that is perfect for the beginner. In fact there are many yoga for beginner classes that focus on giving you an overall introduction to the world of yoga.

Benefits of Yoga

Some of the top benefits of yoga include becoming more flexible. Over time yoga will help you gain more control of your joints and muscles and you will just be able to do so much more. Areas where you will notice more flexibility will be your back, shoulders, hips and legs.

Yoga involves a lot of balancing and this develops body strength. You will learn poses that have you balancing on one leg, or on your hands. Other poses will have you moving very slowly, this develops control and strength in your muscles. Of course this takes time but being stronger is a huge plus for many women these days!

As your arms, legs and stomach become stronger they will also become more toned. This toned look will add definition to your body, making you feel sexier and attractive. Plus this gives you a great self confidence boost.

Better Breathing Techniques

Yoga teaches you how to breathe properly and is one of the main reasons why it is recommended for adults and children who suffer from asthma. Learning how to breathe more deeply helps to condition and increase your lung capacity. It may take a little while to learn how to breathe correctly, but it can really make a huge difference.

Additional breathing techniques can help clear out nasal passages and is beneficial to allergy sufferers. By learning how to breathe correctly you will find that your central nervous system responds differently. You will actually feel calmer and more secure in why your body is reacting in certain ways. Again this is very true for asthma sufferers, once you know what your body is going through, you won’t panic and will be better equipped to deal with any sudden attacks.

yoga at home

Where and How to Practice Yoga

Yoga for beginners can be done at a local fitness centre, or if you are feeling a little unsure, then you can practice at home. If you prefer to go the home route you have plenty of DVD’s, videos and books to choose from. Just find something that is suited to a beginner and practice as recommended. You may need to purchase a couple of items for home use as well, such as a yoga mat.

Practising in a group may be more your liking and there are many yoga classes available. These will be segregated into the different levels, from beginner to advanced and even yoga classes for kids and pregnant women. This can be a good idea if you want to ensure that you are getting all your poses done correctly. Once you have taken a few classes you may prefer to continue to practice at home, when it’s convenient for you.

No matter which route you choose be sure to practice daily and at a level that is comfortable for you. As you progress you can start to look at classes and tapes that are geared towards the intermediate yoga person as opposed to the beginner. That should make you feel great in itself!


Top Coffee Brewing Methods

In this article we are going to talk abou the top coffee brewing methods you need to know about. In order to brew a cup of coffee, the coffee must be ground first. Then the coffee must be mixed with hot water so that the flavour can be transferred into it. The amount of time taken needs to be just right otherwise you may have coffee that tastes bitter. You also want to use a top quality coffee machine so that you can brew that perfect cup of coffee.

There are several ways to grind your coffee. You may do so at home by using a grinder. You can grind coffee as you purchase it in many stores today. Or you can purchase pre-ground coffee in packages or cans. When deciding what type of grind to by, take into consideration what type of coffee you will be brewing. For example espresso coffee is better if you grind the beans just before brewing. A regular coffee for breakfast use is fine purchased ground in a can.

Coffee Brewing – Understanding Coffee Grinds and Terminology

If you like to grind your coffee in the store you will notice that they are different levels that you can grind your coffee to. Though you may not be exactly sure what they all mean. Read the instruction manual that came with your coffee maker and select the correct grind.

The grind refers to the size of the finished coffee particles. The Turkish grind is the finest grind while the percolator grind is the coarsest. You will then find several grinds inbetween. The most common grind is the medium one. This is the one you would use for your coffee machines at home.

coffee brewing

Brewing coffee can be done in different ways and include boiling, steeping and pressurizing. Turkish coffee is an example of boiling. The seeds were ground done to a fine powder and then added to water and boiled. The resulting coffee is strong and provides coffee that has a foam layer with sediment that ends up in the bottom of your cup.

Types of Coffee Machines

Today coffee is made in automatic machines which use gravity to make the coffee. Ground coffee is placed inside a filter in the top of the machine and then hot water drips through the grinds. The water seeps through slowly as it extracts the flavour.

If you like to use a percolator to make coffee you are using steam pressure to brew your coffee. This is when boiling water is forced up into a chamber by the pressure of the steam. The water seeps through the granules and then repeats itself until a certain temperature is reached, then the coffee is ready.

The steeping method of preparing coffee is done by using something known as a French Press or coffee plunger. This is when the ground coffee and hot water are placed into a container and left to brew for a few minutes. Then a plunger is pushed down to force the coffee grinds to the bottom. This method of coffee brewing results in a much stronger coffee with more sediment in it.

Espresso coffee is made by using hot pressurized water that is forced through the ground coffee. This also results in a very strong coffee which is why it is normally served in much smaller cups. This coffee also has a thin layer of foam on the top. It’s actually a very popular coffee that many people like to brew at home on the weekends.